Who’s Hands are in Your Money?

This story was taken from KTLA – LA News as a great representation of why Employee Background Screening is so vital. Every employer needs do their do diligence and make sure they know who they are hiring or they could fall victim just like the employer below.

LOS ANGELES — An Inglewood woman is accused of embezzling .6 million dollars from her boss to fund a lavish lifestyle. Detectives say Holly Daunielle Martin-Campbell, 37, stole the money while working as an administrative secretary at Blue Daisy Cement Products near Gardena.

Campbell used the money to buy a home in a gated community next to Hollywood Park, purchase a ,000 Ducati motorcycle for her husband and a BMW sport utility vehicle for herself, eat at expensive restaurants and attend sporting events and concerts, according to L.A. County Sheriff’s detective Christopher Derry.

Martin-Campbell was arrested Tuesday on felony charges of grand theft and forgery.
Her boss says he had no idea she had served a 16-month prison sentence in the late 1990s for credit card fraud when he hired her in 2002. Martin-Campbell was in charge of accounts receivable. Her job was to process the incoming checks from customers, Detective Derry said.

An investigation found that she began depositing checks into her own bank account in 2004. The checks, which were for a few thousand dollars up to ,000, were made out to Blue Daisy, but Bank of America still accepted the checks, Derry said. She would then delete the transactions.

The scam was uncovered in late 2008 when a Blue Daisy accountant realized the company’s profits did not match the amount of product they were selling. The company’s owner began scrutinizing the business transactions and found that Martin-Campbell had been depositing the checks into her own account.

Martin-Campbell is being held on .5 million dollars bail. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Martin-Campbell’s parents have paid 0,000 toward restitution but .3 million is still owed to Blue Daisy.

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