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Employee Social Media Use: Danger to Your Business?

Bimbo Bakeries USA (bakers of the Thomas’ brand English muffins) and former senior vice president Chris Botticella are caught up in a trade secrets lawsuit. What’s at issue is this: Has – or will — Botticella reveal the secrets of manufacturing the famous English muffins to the new employer, Hostess, Inc.? Bimbo Bakeries offers testimony […]

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Social Media Background Checks Explained in AccuScreen Webinar

Should Employers Use Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn to Screen Candidates and Make Hiring Decisions? Background Screening Expert Explains the Dangers to Avoid Tampa, FL /  October 7, 2009 — AccuScreen Inc. (http://www.accuscreen.com), an employment background screening firm, will host a free Webinar presentation at 3PM Eastern, Thursday, October 8, 2009 titled “Social Media Background Checks: […]

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