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Webinar: Friday August 13, 2010 – Workplace Violence in the 21st Century

Webinar: Workplace Violence in the 21st Century – 2:00 PM Eastern 11:00 Pacific Tampa, Fl., August 11, 2010—In the wake of the beer distributorship shooting and tragic loss of life in Manchester, CT on August 3rd, many Human Resource professionals and business leaders are taking a fresh look at their policies and procedures that address […]

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National Entrepreneurship Week 2010

It’s National Entrepreneurship Week (2/20-2/27/10), and Washington & all of the recent “Too Big to Fail” institutions and companies that have rocked our economy could utilize an entrepreneur’s mindset today, now more than ever. The facts are these: Most of the new jobs created throughout the United States not just in the past decade, but […]

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