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Employers: Avoid The Worst Employees Of The Year!

The Worst Employees These employees seem to cause or attract trouble wherever they go. The problems can be mild like the chronic troublemaker who always seems to have a hard time getting to work on time because the car had a flat tire or there was an “accident”. Then there is the extreme employee who […]

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Who’s Responsible? Pre-Hiring Neglect Leads to Rape

The BP oil spill has certainly resulted in quite a mess that needs cleaning up. But, the mess goes much farther than the spill itself. At least one very serious legal issue has arisen as a result of a lack of pre-employment screening. According to reports, one Rundy Charles Robertson, 41, a temporary worker hired […]

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Alexander Zapp’s life could have been saved by a simple Background Check.

Alexandra Zapp was just 30 years old the night convicted sex offender, Paul Leahy, took her life. Alexandra, or “Ally” as those who knew her called her, was on her way home from a charity sunset cruise when she decided to stop at a Burger King at a rest stop in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was […]

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