Sleepy Burglar Injected Himself with Horse Tranquilizer

Seriously? The not too bright burglar would have gotten away except for one little thing – he injected himself with a large dose of a horse tranquilizer! Yes, Jacksonville police arrested the sleepy burglar who injected himself with lethal dose of horse tranquilizer, enough to kill a man! BAD IDEA for “passed out” perp! He will now have to explain this case to prospective employers that conduct pre-employment background checks, for at least 7 years.

As reported by Rebecca Walker with the Anniston Star:

When Jacksonville police arrived to investigate a burglary at Bonny Brook Veterinary Clinic Tuesday morning, what they found was a surprise: An 18-year-old man was sleeping soundly under a blanket in the clinic’s break room.

Nearby were two syringes — evidence he’d injected himself with Xylazine, a drug used by vets as a sedative for large animals, according to veterinary assistant Leigh Anne Moody. She reported the break-in to police.

It appeared the man had made himself at home, she said, sampling food from the office refrigerator and watching TV.

“He took one of our laptops and was watching porn and taking pictures of it with our camera,” Moody said. “The laptop was closed at first, and we thought maybe he had been looking up how to take the drugs, but then we opened it, and nope! That’s not what he was doing.”

Roman Angel Salinas of Haneyville was in the Jacksonville City Jail Tuesday afternoon, charged with burglary. Police Chief Tommy Thompson said Salinas was still drowsy at mid-afternoon from the drug.

Moody said she wasn’t sure how the man got into the building.

“There was a busted window and door, but the door was still locked,” she said. “The only way I knew someone broke in, is after I walked in, I noticed drawers open and change out, and our drug-room door had been pried open.”

Using the drug could have potentially been deadly, Moody said. It is not known how much of it was used.

“It could have made his heart stop. I don’t think he knew that,” she said. “Luckily it just knocked him out and made him go to sleep.”

Officers had to shake Salinas awake. He was being held in the jail with no bond Tuesday afternoon. Police were waiting for him to rouse fully, Thompson said.

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