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Bizarre Employees Can Wreak Havoc on Everyone

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do; a strange, odd, or bizarre employee can make you dread waking up in the morning. Why? Because all you have to look forward to are more of their antics and annoyances – oh, and complaints from your employees.
It takes everyone getting along, tolerating each other’s nuances, and cooperating to get the job done. These colleagues are interacting with you day in and day out, through the eight-plus hours a day that you are there. Many people even feel that they spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their own family.
So, it makes life extremely difficult if workers are doing some of the following crazy things at work (courtesy of CareerBuilder’s Blog, Feb. 4, 2010):
  • Co-worker ate the cheese off the pizza box at a company meeting.
  • Co-worker talks openly about flatulence.
  • Co-worker in the cubicle next to me wears 3-D glasses with the lenses removed.
  • Co-worker repeatedly bangs a mallet on the table for no apparent reason.
  • Co-worker whistles eight hours a day.
  • Co-worker chews tobacco and spits it into empty soda bottles.
  • Former boss brought a baby sippy cup to a meeting and started drinking out of it.
  • Co-worker cleaned fingernails using a counterpart’s business card.
These are funny situations that likely ring true for nearly everyone who has ever had a job. The experts offer some friendly advice for Hiring Managers who have to deal with these types of situations:
·         Have an anonymous suggestion box where people can drop their issues in and know that you’ll be seeing what they have to say.
·         Assure your staff, through weekly or bi-weekly staff meetings and that their suggestions are heard, taken seriously, and are always welcome.
·         Speak to department heads and managers frequently to get an idea of any inter-personal issues developing inside of their groups. This will help you to anticipate any people-specific issues, should they present themselves.
·         Be open and patient when problems arise more than once. Some people are natural complainers and will find solace in speaking to someone in HR and possibly moving to another cubicle, away from the offending party. Others may need a short course on tolerance. Use your best judgment.
Through companies like AccuScreen, things like resume lies, job titles, past workplace complaints, degree verification, a criminal background check and much more can all be handled without you worrying about the above situations being a commonplace occurrence. Though you can’t always choose the “perfect employee” who gets along with everyone, you can weed out the candidates whose characteristics, qualities, and skills are not a good match for your company.
So, screen your incoming resumes for obvious signs of resume lies, always conduct a criminal background check, and use a service like AccuScreen to handle your entire employment screening process. You’ll be glad you did and can avoid hiring bizarre employees from day one.


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