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Obama Officials Release Strong Statement: U.S. Jobless Rate is “Unacceptable”

Today, the nation’s Treasury Secretary, Director of the Office of Management, and Chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisors pleaded with the House Appropriations Committee to pass President Obama’s proposed budget. Why? Because they say that his plans for how to spend the nation’s money will result in a surge of job growth.
Another “Great Depression”?
Specifically, they stated that “the threat of a second Great Depression was frighteningly real," and that the 9.7% unemployment rate is "unacceptable by any metric." (CNNMoney Web site, March 16, 2010). The prediction of the three officials’ offices is that though the unemployment rate will likely continue to rise in the next few months, in 2010 we will see over a hundred-thousand new jobs added.
Double the Jobs in 2011
This is great news for employers and the jobless alike because growth is predicted to be on the horizon. In 2011, it is predicted that double the number of jobs will be added as will be added in 2010. Though nothing is guaranteed, many employers are ramping up their efforts to prepare for growth for the first time since the economy began to lose momentum in 2007.
Go Back to the Basics
One of the ways that employers can get ready for growth again is to review their procedures for conducting criminal background searches and checking candidates for resume falsification. Many Human Resources Managers may feel “rusty” in these areas and unsure about how to get back into the groove of hiring again.
Here are some quick tips for encouraging employee growth:
·         Review tips and videos posted by authorities in the HR industry to regain forgotten knowledge and catch up to the current practices and techniques being used today.
·         Investigate a background check company, like AccuScreen, to be sure that all bases are covered; from resume falsification checks to criminal background searches.
·         Review your company’s SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, to be sure they are current and can best assist your new hires in the training process.
·         Make videos for your new hires to aid in the training process by using programs like CamStudio (free screen capture software) or by buying ScreenFlow (for Mac Users).
What Background Check Providers Do
Companies like AccuScreen provide employers and hiring managers with all that they need to hire confidently. Accurate and timely reports are provided to businesses regarding a candidate’s background. This includes everything the employer needs to know: resume falsification, drug test screening results, DMV records and checking criminal background searches in every place the applicant has lived; just to name a few services. Don’t hire anyone without getting this vital information first!
Looking to the Future
In 2012, the nation’s experts are predicting a job growth of even more than 2011: we should see 250,000 new jobs added that year. Though we can’t predict whether this will actually happen, it’s best to get prepared for the possibility of real growth happening in the very near future.


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