National Entrepreneurship Week 2010

It’s National Entrepreneurship Week (2/20-2/27/10), and Washington & all of the recent “Too Big to Fail” institutions and companies that have rocked our economy could utilize an entrepreneur’s mindset today, now more than ever. The facts are these: Most of the new jobs created throughout the United States not just in the past decade, but throughout American history, have come from the creative efforts of entrepreneurs and small businesses. As President Reagan once said: “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all of the economic growth in the United States.”

Entrepreneurs have been the source of economic innovation throughout the history of our Nation, and the entire society has been improved because of the new ways of doing things that have been brought about by the people who market their ideas.

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” Peter Drucker

Economically independent entrepreneurs are encaged citizens who work to improve the economic environment in their local communities, providing better opportunities for businesses to operate and a better environment for human resources they need to advance their dreams.

Another quote from Drucker, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

Do you know anyone in a leadership position who makes a lot of speeches? Remind you of anybody? Hint: Teleprompter.

Do you want solutions to America’s challenges today? Do you want to see a reduction in the unemployment rate and not the tired quote from Washington “we have saved or created X number of jobs. “ How about revitalizing the engine of the economy? Solutions to creating real job growth, an easy fix to healthcare and the out of control deficit spending? If you do, I will leave you with one more quote, the quote is from an entrepreneur, the quote is from me…

“If you want solutions to the battered American economy, quit viewing the current situation as a problem; and instead, view it as an entrepreneur would, as an opportunity.” Kevin Connell, American Businessman & Entrepreneur

Finally, the next time you see or talk to an entrepreneur or small business owner, take a moment to shake his or her hand and say thank you. Let them know that you appreciate them for not only dreaming the American Dream, but taking the risk and taking action. Thank them for building a business, creating jobs and growing their businesses and as a result of that, growing the American economy again. I started my company in 1994, built it from scratch, which means zero clients and no employees. But then rapidly and steadily grew, turned an idea into a business and for the past 16 years, have built a loyal client base and hired more employees than I can count, now that is real job growth and that is real change you can believe in!

Kevin Connell, Entrepreneur and CEO of

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