My Alma Mater Ohio Wesleyan

The Lighting of Selby Field was held just this past weekend. It was the first time since 1925 that the football field at Ohio Wesleyan had lights. This is a new era for the Bishop Athletics, and as an Alumni I am proud of my University.

Wanted to share with you a recent press release from my alma mater.

Dear Football Alumni,

Kevin Connell ’86 is the new Co-Chair of the Committee for Football Excellence representing the years 1985-2009. He joins Co-Chair Mike Holden ’70 representing the years up to 1984. Kevin received his Bachelors Degree in Economics Management from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1986 graduating Summa Cum Laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

He currently lives in Tampa, Florida where he is the CEO of, a global employment background screening firm. He is a professional background screening specialist, nationally recognized for his expertise on negligent hiring, embezzlement, employee theft, and resume fraud in the workplace. He is a frequent speaker at business security conferences and has testified twice before the Florida Supreme Court. He has had several articles published in magazines, has been featured on television, including national news, and has been interviewed on more than 40 live talk radio programs.

At Ohio Wesleyan, Kevin was a four-year starter playing defensive tackle and offensive guard. He was a First-Team selection to GTE’s Academic All-American Football Team and was selected to the NCAC All Conference Team.

John Kercher, President
Alumni “W” Association
Tampa, FL

Kevin Connell

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