The Gift of Christmas: Remembering Sarah Philipps

I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and lived about a mile from the Philipp’s family, and we attended the same schools together and played for our school’s athletic teams. I had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah Philipps, and her brother James “Fritz” Philipps while on vacation in London and Dublin in November of 1988. Sarah was a student in her junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying abroad in London with the Syracuse University program.

Sarah, who was a very warm, smart and beautiful girl, had a great smile, a terrific sense of humor and a great laugh. If you ever had the chance to meet Sarah, you could not help but to like her, she had this radiance about her, a spirit that beamed brightly. Sarah had an incredible quality about her, she had a personality that you would immediately connect with, you would never forget her, quite simply, Sarah radiated with love and, to me, she represented all that was good in the world.

On Saturday November 19, 1988, we tailgated at Jury’s before heading into the Boston College vs. West Point college football game dubbed “The Emerald Isle Classic.” It was a day that I will never forget. I spoke with Sarah again just before heading back to Boston, presuming that we’d see each other over Christmas.

Sarah died on December 21, 1988 aboard Pan Am 103 because a cowardly terrorist planted a bomb in the 747’s cargo hold; the plane had departed London Heathrow just about an hour earlier when the plane’s signal was lost over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Sarah, you will never be forgotten…we love you and miss you…always.

Remembering Sarah Philipps and the 269 other victims of the Lockerbie Bombing.

Enjoy your time with family and friends, treasure these moments, love and remember those you are with, and those you are not with or cannot be with, remember to Love and remember to say “I Love You” because Life is so very Precious.

Kevin Connell

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