Lucia Bone of The Sue Weaver CAUSE Speaks on Critical Screening Measures for Employers and Home Owners during Live Webinar

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Complimentary presentation and interview to take place during National Safety and Security Week for business owners, hiring managers and consumers on the topic “De-Mystifying Background Checks: What Every Person, Family and Business Needs to Know Right Now”

Tampa, FL /  August 24, 2009 – Accu-Screen Inc., an employment background screening firm, will host a free Webinar presentation and interview with Lucia Bone, Executive Director of The Sue Weaver CAUSE, Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment at 3:00 PM Eastern, Wednesday August 26, 2009.

The topic of the presentation and interview will be “De-Mystifying Background Checks” a message for both businesses and consumers, which will focus on the importance of background checks on contractors and employees who enter people’s homes to perform routine home improvement and maintenance tasks.

“Many consumers have a false sense of security when they see that a home repair or service company is bonded and insured,” according to Kevin Connell, CEO and Founder of Accu-Screen, will moderate the Webinar and interview Ms. Bone.

“Those designations do not speak to the safety precautions taken in the hiring process,” adds Connell. “The CAUSE Certification, which includes a comprehensive criminal background check, provides consumers with the reassurance they need before engaging a local service provider and inviting them into their home or onto their property.”

The Sue Weaver CAUSE launched the CAUSE Certification on August 27, 2008 on the anniversary of the death of Sue Weaver who was raped and beaten to death in her suburban Orlando, Florida home on August 27, 2001. Six months prior to her death, Sue had contracted with a major department store to have the air ducts in her home cleaned. One of the two men sent to perform the work was a twice-convicted sex offender on parole who later returned to rape and murder Sue Weaver.

The CAUSE Certification is a program designed to better protect consumers and employers by offering a means of hiring safer employees, contractors and subcontractors. Annual criminal background checks are required on all employees, contractors and subcontractors before becoming CAUSE Certified.

Accu-Screen, Inc. and The Sue Weaver CAUSE are promoting this as part of the United We Serve Readiness for Safety and Security Week, August 24-30 aimed at supporting the efforts of those involved in disaster preparedness and crime prevention.

“The background screening principles we will discuss in the interview are applicable to employers in all industries, so we invite everyone to join in this important discussion” says Accu-Screen’s Connell.

All employers and interested consumers are encouraged to register to attend this complimentary event by calling Accu-Screen, Inc on 1-800-689-2228 or going online at

Visit to learn how to protect yourself, your business, and your family when it comes to hiring employees, contractors and subcontractors. To learn more about criminal background checks, visit

About The Sue Weaver Cause

The Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E., Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization brings awareness and education to consumers and employers regarding the necessity of criminal background checks on all service employees, contractors and subcontractors hired to work in or near clients’ homes.

About C.A.U.S.E. Certification

The Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment (C.A.U.S.E.) Certification campaign was launched August 27, 2008 as a nationwide consumer safety campaign to identify companies who perform criminal background checks on workers sent into consumers’ homes. The launch date marked the seven year anniversary of the death of Sue Weaver, who was raped and beaten to death in her suburban Orlando home by a worker sent to her home to clean her air ducts. Although he was a twice-convicted sex offender on parole, the company did not do a background check before hiring him. For more information on C.A.U.S.E. Certification please contact The Sue Weaver CAUSE at 877-450-5812 or email

About Accu-Screen Inc.

Since 1994, Accu-Screen, Inc. ( has been an industry pioneer, leader and expert in employment background screening, tenant screening, nanny screening and date screening, specializing in criminal background checks. Its reports are delivered to companies across the world with turnaround times from Instant to no more than 72 hours. CEO Kevin G. Connell founded the company with a burning desire that companies hire the right people from the start, resulting in greater cost control and better safety in the workplace. Mr. Connell also served as a Founding Director of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and is a frequent Radio and Television Guest, appearing on ABC and Fox. Kevin also serves as a national speaker and expert in negligent hiring, resume fraud, employee theft, and embezzlement.

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