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Inspiring Stories of Senior Americans Who Still Work for a Living

Is it better to work to live or live to work? For these senior Americans, living to work is a common mantra and a part of their everyday lives. Doing what they love, well into their 9th and 10th decades is nothing short of amazing to the everyday person. However, for these three Americans, it’s just a normal part of their routines.
In a story featured on this week, several amazing seniors’ stories were told for the rest of us to enjoy. Though their days of worrying about raising children are over, their days of undergoingemployment background screening are anything but finished. The first story is of a Yoga instructor named Tao who is living in New York and just happens to be 91 years of age. A former dancer and model, this instructor has been teaching Yoga for nearly 40 years. She is in excellent physical shape and inspires other seniors to stay limber, fit, and active. Oh, and did we mention that she is still a competitive ballroom dancer?
Former “Rosie the riveter”, Helen, a 92 year-old office worker in Michigan, proudly holds up her 1940’s uniform from her WWII job in a photo included in the CNN story. She is currently employed in the state’s Department of Human Services after finding work through a senior citizen’s job finding agency. Her lifetime of experience in all types of jobs from factories to restaurants to retail stores has granted her a unique perspective and skill set. She is still excited to go to work each day and told CNN, “I’ve got to keep going. I don’t want to retire.”
Another inspiring story of a senior worker involves a formerly retired 94 year-old who decided to go back to work 6 years ago after taking a 17 year hiatus as a retiree. The Montana woman says she was tired of the rocking chair and ready for the office. Though she says it is hard to get up and dressed some mornings, she says she “…feel[s] pretty good.” She also shares, “Maybe I'm crazy or something, but I do like coming to work. I'll probably continue working until my health fails, until I have to quit."
One of the common threads that these three women share is that they are all over 90. Two were helped with finding employment through the Experience Works organization, an agency dedicated to helping elderly and retired folks find employment. And, yes, even these eldest of folks are still subject to a criminal background check and employment background screening. In an era where ageism is illegal but ever-present, it is uplifting to see these ladies have the energy to work while their employers have the faith to employ them.
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