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Up-and-Coming Career in this Struggling Economy: Health Informatics

Perhaps at the worst time in the history of our national economy, it is promising to find that gold nugget, or light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel; a career in health informatics. As the rest of the country struggles to stay afloat, the healthcare industry is booming – and this career in informatics is where it’s at. As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of the twenty fastest-growing careers are in the healthcare field. Health informatics is one of those growing and thriving careers to consider for those interested in working a field where helping others is a main focus.
What Does a Health Informatics Professional Do?
Encompassing Information Technology and Biomedical Statistics, this field focuses on the gathering, storage, and use of health data in order to provide better care for patients and to identify cost-cutting opportunities for hospitals and facilities.
Growth Rate is Phenomenal
The growth rate reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is an encouraging 18 percent expected by 2016. This means that this career is promising jobs now and in the future as well. People who decide to pursue a career in this field can expect to find more and more facilities looking to hire them as the years go by; a rarity for many other careers. The healthcare sector, however, has continued to see growth and demand for more jobs, even more so as the Baby Boomers age and demands for healthcare go up.
What to Expect
In this field, whether working in a hospital facility or for a private laboratory, criminal background searches and employment background screening can be expected. As one of the highest risk jobs for lawsuits (negligent hiring and malpractice suits), employees in the field of health informatics should expect to have their past screened thoroughly. Facilities hiring for these positions should have a stringent and thorough employment screening process in place.
The Costs of Hiring
Just as anyone would expect to be screened for proof that a degree was earned in any job of this caliber, proof of education and qualifications are necessary for this job as well. Through an employment background screening, educational transcripts and degree verification should be a part of the hiring process. The medical or scientific facility who hire for these positions has to be certain they are hiring only the most qualified people in order to reduce their risk of lawsuits.
The Costs of Screening for Health Care Facilities
Though it isn’t cheap, you get what you pay for when hiring a firm to perform the criminal background searches and employment background screening for your company. Not only will they check to be sure your prospect doesn’t have a criminal past, they will also look into their employment history and verify that they have earned a degree in their field.
Don’t skimp on professional employment screening services; hire a company like AccuScreen to do the work for you. They’ll get you an accurate report in less than three days so you can make the very best hiring decisions.


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