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Video Tribute to Sarah Philipps from Kevin Connell. Sarah was a victim of the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bombing on 12/21/88.

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The Law of Karma

“ALWAYS Remember The Law of Karma . . . We sow what we reap, reap what we sow, these aren’t fancy words, it is very predictable, we get back 72-fold what we send out to the World..good…or bad. So Focus on Sending out The Good. It is the Law of Good and Evil and The […]

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The Gift of Christmas: Remembering Sarah Philipps

I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and lived about a mile from the Philipp’s family, and we attended the same schools together and played for our school’s athletic teams. I had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah Philipps, and her brother James “Fritz” Philipps while on vacation in London and Dublin in November of […]

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Pan Am 103: Victims are not Numbers, Victims Have Names

Sarah Philipps was one of the 270 Victims of the Pan Am 103 Terrorist Bombing on December 21, 1988. The clip here is a small glimpse into The Life of Sarah. The Terrorist, the Lockerbie Bomber, Al Megrahi, was released on humanity grounds, over a year ago. This video is for Elizabeth, Ervin, Andrew, Fritz […]

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Fritz & Sarah Philipps (Brother & Sister)

Remembering Sarah Philipps: Pan Am 103 Lockerbie 22 Years Later

Remembering Sarah Philipps: Pan Am 103 Lockerbie 22 Years Later It has been 22 years since that tragic day when Sarah Philipps and 269 other lives were stolen from us on December 21, 1988. Life is so precious, and when a tragedy occurs, there is the mistaken belief that the only people that are affected […]

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The Gift Shift: Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Why not you? Why not now? You are an incredible person, you were given the gift of life, you were made in the image of your creator. Don’t be who your parents, family or friends think you should be, be the person you think you were meant to be. After all, you will be there […]

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