In a Bad Economy, “Deadbeat Tenants” Are On the Rise

Tenant screening makes it possible to protect your property by identifying problem renters

During the economic and housing crises, more apartment managers and rental owners are turning to rentals as a way to cover their costs. However, renting out property can be fraught with risks.

Over the past year, leading background screening expert Kevin Connell has noticed that more renters are fabricating credit histories and personal information to increase their chances of securing housing.

For that reason, real estate experts recommend that landlords run thorough background checks of prospective tenants before offering them a rental agreement.

Tenant screening is now a common practice for property managers across the country. Background checks enable landlords to weed out fraudulent applicants before they’ve moved into their rental properties.

“You wouldn’t hire an employee without asking for a resume, and so you shouldn’t accept a tenant without conducting comprehensive tenant screening,” advises Kevin Connell, chief executive officer and founder of Accu-Screen.

Tenant screenings begin with a credit check. A prospective tenant’s credit score and past payment history usually indicate how promptly and reliably they will pay their rent, and whether they’ve ever been evicted.

Running a criminal background check can also identify people who have criminal records or a history of being destructive towards property. Employment background checks are also helpful in determining whether a potential tenant is currently employed, as well as providing details about their past job performance.

By taking these steps to protect themselves against irresponsible tenants, property managers will know whether their tenants are likely to pay rent on time and respect the apartment or home that they inhabit.

“When the economy rises again, you’ll be able to sell the property if you like, knowing that it’s been cared for and paid for during the economic lull,” Connell says.
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