AccuScreen Webinar – “Smoke, Mirrors, and Fake Credentials”

The Economic Crisis that began in December 2007 has brought forth record levels of employee fraud, information and property theft, as well as a spike in overall fraud schemes. This problem has been compounded by easy access to fake credentials. Accordingly, Kevin Connell has organized a “Complimentary Webinar” for HR Managers, Business Owners and CEO’s of companies across North America to discuss the problem and more importantly, point out potential solutions. This Friday August 20th @ 2:00 PM EST (11:00 Pacific), we will address the issues of employment background checks; resume fraud, diploma mills and fake credentials.

Your host is Kevin Connell, CEO & Founder of, a renowned professional background screening expert, who is recognized for his expertise on negligent hiring, embezzlement, employee theft, and resume fraud. Kevin’s gust on August 20 is, Barry Nixon, Executive Director of the National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc., a company focused on assisting organizations to effectively implement programs to prevent workplace violence. Mr. Nixon has 20 years experience in Human Resources and Organization Development in Fortune 500 companies. He is well grounded in the real issues companies face and develops practical solutions based on his real life experiences.

Kevin and Barry will be addressing not only why employee fraud has been on the rise, but tackle the different types of fraud that are out there and what organizations can do to help prevent fraud. This promises to be a content packed and entertaining webinar.

You will not want to miss this special “one time only” webinar. Register for this free webinar at:

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